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    True Desires is the brainchild of Maitresse Renee, a lifestyle and professional Dominatrix in Dallas, Texas. It was Maitresse Renee’s vision in 2011 to create an event that was as close to a 24/7 FemDom relationship as possible without the obstacles of regular life hindering the experience. True Desires is what came to fruition and is an event that is designed to be much more than just a session or a short play-date but a growing experience for the servants both on the mental as well as the physical side

Maitresse Renee

True Desires is a nonstop 3 day FemDom event that encompasses everything from the BDSM lifestyle you could imagine, with some of the most notable lifestyle and professional Mistresses in the world. The event not only has play parties on a large scale in Maitresse Renee’s immaculately equipped 7,000 square foot dungeon but during the event the various hosts teach classes on topics that pertain to Dominance/submission. Maitresse Renee’s hopes are that the servants who are selected to attend True Desires not only leave cherishing the once in a lifetime experience they just encountered but also take something with them on an intellectual level that deepens their submission.

When viewing this website keep in mind that NOT ALL THE EVENT INFORMATION AND SCHEDULE IS POSTED. What fun would that be if we were to divulge what True Desires has in store for the selected servants?! That would ruin the surprise and take from the event! Rest assured that with the Ladies who are hosting each individual event and Maitrese Renee’s reputation it’s going to be quite spectacular!

BE SURE TO READ THE ENTIRE WEBSITE THOROUGHLY!! I took a great deal of time to put it together for your viewing pleasure and do not want to have my time wasted by answering emails to the various topics already discussed. If you have a question that is not answered I will gladly discuss it with you and provide the answer otherwise….. READ ; )

Your Host & Creator of True Desires,
Maitresse Renee

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